Maltepe Demir Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti. takes all the security measures at the possible highest level in order to ensure that your personal data is legally collected, stored and shared and, protect your privacy as per the applicable law and regulations.

Our intention is to inform you in the most transparent manner on how your personal data is collected, the purpose of processing your personal data, those with whom your personal data is shared, the legal reasons thereof and your rights in connection therewith as per the article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and, in line with your satisfaction.

a) Data Controller

As per the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (the “Law No. 6698”), your personal data is collected and processed by Maltepe Demir Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti.  in the capacity of data controller within the scope as described below.

b) For What Purposes Your Personal Data Is Processed

From the customers, employees, potential employees, employee candidates, public authority representatives and employees, business partners and suppliers, the Company collects:

Special personal data and personal data (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data” collectively) in the following categories: identification information, contact information, customer transaction information, health information, performance information, transaction security information, legal procedure and compliance information and marketing & sales information.

Your personal data collected in this manner is processed so that:

– We could provide you with the products and services of COMPANY; we could fulfill our obligations towards you; the respective records and documents are issued; we could act in compliance with the information storage, reporting, information, taxation and other obligations as per the applicable local and international legal regulations;

– We could provide you with customized advertisements, campaigns, advantages and benefits to carry out sales and marketing activities intended to increase the level of the products and services;

– We could make contact to communicate with you to provide necessary information about the information processing requirements, the system structures, the necessity of these information processing support services and, such other services and products;

– We could carry out traffic measurements, statistical analyses, segmentation/profiling operations intended to facilitate the sales and marketing activities;

– We could measure and enhance the level of customer satisfaction; carry out the complaint management; get your opinions and recommendations about the new products and services; to receive your feedback about problems-faults; and inform you about your complaints and requests;

– We could contact you; take your orders; carry out your payment transactions; ship your products in a cooperation with third parties in respect of logistics; find such products and services that we believe you would be interested in and make suggestions accordingly; send you promotions and gifts; display such advertisements by means of analyzing your online behaviors and; manage our customer portfolio by means of measuring and enhancing the quality of our services and, of profiling and scoring based on the segments that we have identified accordingly;

-We could use such personal data in respect of all types of products and services that are to be offered to you under the scope of the comparative product and/or service offerings, modelling, existing or new product studies and/or developments, and in line with the applicable laws and regulations regulating the business operations as set forth under the articles of association of COMPANY concerning your disclosure of the personal data;

– We could act in compliance with the obligations set forth by the respective public authorities in respect of information storage, reporting and informing; fulfill the requirements as set forth under the respective agreements and, carry out the legal obligations applicable to COMPANY in respect of making use of these services;

– We could manage the financial operations carried out by COMPANY, communication, market research and social responsibility activities, purchasing operations (requests, offers, assessments, orders, budgeting, agreements), internal system and implementation operations and legal operations for the purposes of identifying and implementing the commercial and business strategies of COMPANY;

– We could analyze, assess and response to such requests from the respective public authorities or from you.

c) To Whom and for What Purposes Your Personal Data Processed May Be Transferred

On the condition that it is limited to and for all the purposes of processing the personal data as mentioned in the section b) above, your personal data collected is transferred to;

– the business partners, shareholders and affiliates of COMPANY,

– such persons or institutions as permitted by the Tax Procedure Law, the Social Security Institution’s legislation, the Court of Accounts, the Law on Prevention of Laundering of Crime Revenues, the Anti-Money Laundering Law, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Code of Obligations and other respective regulations,

– the legally authorized public authorities and offices, administrative and legal authorities,

– foreign companies and affiliates thereof,

– such persons and institutions from which we receive services and with which we act in cooperation for the product/service comparisons, analyses, assessments, advertisements and for the achievement of the above-mentioned purposes, the program partner institutions and corporations, contracted corporations in respect of the transfer of the messages we send to our customers, and courier companies delivering the orders places with us,

ç) Method and Legal Basis for the Collection of Personal Data

Your Personal Data is collected both through fully or partially automatic means and, not automatic means but as a part of the data recording system;

On such applications submitted by you in person or other persons authorized to act on your behalf through contracted websites; and by means of the head office personnel of COMPANY, the corporations from/to which we receive/offer services as well as real persons and/or legal entities acting as per the applicable legislations and agreements and automatic systems (our websites and mobile applications, call centers, social media accounts) as well as verbally, in writing and electronically, if:

provided under the articles 5 and 6 of the Law;

  • explicitly specified by the applicable laws and regulations,
  • necessary for our Company to fulfill its legal obligations,
  • related directly to the conclusion or performance of an agreement requiring the processing,
  • must be processed for the legitimate benefits of our Company on the condition that it will not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms,
  • anonymized by you,
  • necessary for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right,
  • you have submitted your explicit consent,

there is such other legal reasons.

d) Rights of the Data Subject Listed under the Article 11 of the Law No. 6698

In case you in the capacity of data subject forward your requests concerning your rights hereunder through the following methods listed below, COMPANY will conclude your request as soon as possible and within a period not later than thirty days. No fee will apply to this answer if it is less than ten pages.  A transaction fee of 1 Turkish Lira for each page exceeding this limit will be charged.  In case of a response on a recording medium such as CD, flash memory etc. the price as may be charged by our company will not exceed the cost of the said recording medium.

Any personal data subject will be entitled to:

  • Learn if their personal data are processed,
  • Request for information if their personal data are processed,
  • Learn the purpose of the processing of their personal data and if the same are used for the intended purposes,
  • Learn the identity of such third parties, to whom their personal data are transferred locally or internationally,
  • Request for the correction of their personal data if processed deficiently or mistakenly and, that such third parties, to whom the personal data are transferred, are notified accordingly,
  • Request for the deletion or destruction of the personal data if the reasons to process the same are no longer valid although the personal data were previously processed as per the Law No. 6698 and other pertinent legislations and, that such third parties, to whom the personal data are transferred, are notified accordingly,
  • Object to any negative consequences against them as a result of analyses of the personal data exclusively by means of automatic systems,
  • Request for the indemnification in case of any loss and damage against them due to the illegal processing of the personal data..

You may communicate your request concerning the exercise of your above-mentioned rights in Turkish and in writing or by means of using your registered electronic mail (KEP) address, secured electronic signature, mobile signature or electronic mail address available in the records of the Company as per the paragraph 1 of the article 13 of the Law No. 6698 and, the Communique on Procedures and Principles Concerning Applications to Data Controllers. For such applications, only the information on the applicant will be provided and, it will not be possible to get information on the family members and third parties. COMPANY reserves the right to verify your identification before answering your request.

Your application must include:

  1. your name, surname and signature if the application is in writing,
  2. your Turkish ID number in case of a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and, your passport number or identification number if any in case of a foreign national,
  3.  your residential address or business address for the services hereunder,
  4. your electronic mail address, phone and fax numbers if any for the services hereunder,
  5.  the subject of your request,

and such information and documents concerning the subject if any should be attached to the application.

By means of attaching the necessary documents, you may submit your written applications to our Company as data controller in the following address: Çerkeşli OSB Mevkii İmes 5. Cd.No: 2 PK 41455 Dilovası / Kocaeli. You may access the application form here.

You may send your requests through e-mail to the e-mail address You may send your requests via KEP to our KEP address:

You are required to provide us with the necessary information and documents in a complete and accurate manner so that we could authenticate your identification. Failure to present the required information and documents may prevent the respective investigations by COMPANY concerning your request from being carried out in a complete and proper manner In such case, COMPANY hereby declares that it reserves its legal rights accordingly. Therefore, you must submit your application in a complete manner and by means of attaching the required information and documents based on the nature of your request.