Maltepe Demir Chairman Murat Dönmez: We are at your service with our high stock capacity

Responding to the requirements of its customers with accurate, high-quality and afforadable solutions in the shortest notice with its knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, Maltepe Demir marches forwards without slowing down. Here you can find our interview with Murat Dönmez, the Chairman of Maltepe Demir, who underlines that they have a second steel service center project.

First, can we get to know you and your company?
I was born in 1978 in Istanbul. We originally hail from Çanakkale. I’m married and I have a 5-year-old daughter. After completing my military service in 2000, I started working as a representative from the second generation.

Maltepe Demir’s foundation dates back to 1971. It was established in 1971 under the name Dönmezler Kollektif, changed its title to Maltepe Demir San Ve Tic Ltd Şti in 1982 and since then has continued its operations in the iron and steel industry. Our company operates from its factory in Kocaeli-Dilovası İmes OSB (Organized Industrial Zone), with an investment made back in 2008. We provide services as a Steel Service Center at that location. With our high stock capacity and slitting and length cutting lines, lasers, plasma, pipe-profile bending, sheet metal cutting-bending machinery available at our site, we provide services especially to the automotive sector, along with lighting, machine manufacturing, steel construction, domestic appliances and air conditioning sectors.

What products and services do you offer to your customers? Could you give us a brief assessment of your company and manufacturing activities?
Our company is mainly engaged in sheet metal trading (Dkp, Hrp, Gzr, Black). We also sell box profiles, pipes and rolled iron. Our objective is to become a business partner with a strong inventory and a cutting-edge, extensive machine park, that delivers on time and at the right prices. We work with companies that operate in Istanbul and Kocaeli, delivering with our company vehicles to their factories or to any designated address as per their request. This gives our customers the edge in terms of both tangible and intangible aspects of our business.

With an investment for two new lines, we deliver the requested sheets without wastege even in the smallest dimensions, we dimension them, package them and ship them so that they can directly enter our customers’ processes. This provides savings both on labor and money.

Which domestic and foreign regions are your priority in terms of export, and why?
Domestically, Istanbul and Kocaeli. We also sell to other regions in Turkey. When it comes to export, we do not directly export our products. However, most of our customers export the products that they procure from us. That’s our contribution to export.

Are there any trade shows, seminars etc. that you will be attending in 2014?
There are no trade shows or seminars on our schedule for 2014. In terms of promotional activities in 2014, we have put out ads on Turkey’s leading iron and steel publications. Our colleagues are constantly browsing the market in order to expand our market reach. This helps us add new customers to our portfolio every day.

It’s fair to say that the first half of the years was in line with our projections. As you know, we have recently gone through the local elections. A recession in the markets is expected in each election period as everyone is focusing on the election.

We had already set our goals taking this into account. As for the second half of the year; we are looking at a new election in the month of August. Frankly, I believe the trend in the second half of the year will only become clearer after the election. I would say any comment we make right now would be in vain, but I am optimistic and I believe the markets will improve in the right direction.

What are your short and long term projects?
Currently, we have a 2nd Steel service center project. Our goal is to complete it and commence operations by the end of 2016. I wish 2014 to be a good year for our country and our nation.

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